Visual Merchandising Courses

Visual Merchandising Courses are an excellent way to professionally maximise your product display and generate more sales. Discover the vital techniques required to create a fantastic look for your shop. Send your staff on a training course. Produce professional looking displays for all your promotions and upcoming seasons.

The Problem

Visual Merchandising is the art of making your products look great. But most retailers are unaware of how to do this properly. The result is a poorly merchandised shop. Usually products are arranged to ‘look nice’. It is assumed that this is good enough. But this is not ‘selling’ the product. Most shop owners are unaware of the rules for good display. This almost always impacts on shopper activity. A weak and poorly executed displays result in the following:

  • Product value perception is diminished
  • Customer shopping experience is unexciting
  • The desire to buy is reduced
  • Opportunity for upsell is missed
  • Customers less likely to return
The Solution

Take our Visual Merchandising Courses and discover:

  • How to drive sales through your windows
  • Entertain buyers by creating theatre
  • Maintain customer interest
  • Learn how to attract customers through your doors
  • Understand techniques that create a higher level of presentation
  • Increase the average spend by creating link selling amongst your products
  • How to assess your floor layout
  • Understand customer flow and how they are shopping
  • Learn if your layout helps or hinders
  • How your selling areas are being reached
  • Strengthen your brand to the consumer
  • Create consistency with graphics and signage
  • Link signage and themes throughout your windows and store areas

Our courses help you raise your profile, please your customers and sell more products

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