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I teach Visual Merchandising Courses
so you can create compelling 
window & shop displays 
that drive more sales and 
attract new customers.

Visual Merchandising Courses

Visual Merchandising Courses - Asymmetrical bottles

Learn to Merchandise
like a Professional

Visual Merchandising Courses are an excellent way learn how to professionally maximise your product displays and generate more sales.
Discover the vital techniques required to create a fantastic look for your shop. Send your staff on a training course.
Produce professional looking displays for all your promotions and upcoming seasons.
Perfect for students too!

Where Retailers Go Wrong

Visual Merchandising is the art of making your products look desirable to your customers.
 Get it wrong and the results can be a dull or over merchandised shop.
This is not ‘selling’ the products.
This almost always impacts on shopper activity.

Visual Merchandising Courses - Bad display

 The Negative Impact On Your Business

  • Customer shopping experience is unexciting
  • Product value perception is diminished
  • The desire to buy is reduced
  • Opportunity for upsell is missed
  • Customers less likely to return
  • Tarnished brand image

  How To Avoid These Mistakes?

Take a visual merchandising course and learn these skills below:

  • Drive sales through your windows
  • Create theatre to entertain buyers
  • Maintain customer interest
  • Learn how to attract customers 
  • Create a higher level of presentation
  • Increase the spend with link selling
  • Assess floor layouts quickly
  • Understand customer flow
  • Strengthen brands for consumers
  • Discover if layouts help or hinder
  • Consistency with graphics
  • Link signage and themes

( And much more! )

See All 5 Courses Below

Visual Merchandising Courses - Alternation of products

1 Day Practical
Visual Merchandising Courses

For students & Retailers 

Visual Merchandising Courses - Mannequin group

Bespoke VM Courses
 for Retailers

Educate yourself & staff on visual
 merchandising best practices.


Visual Merchandising Courses- Repetion of products

1 Day 1-to-1 VM Courses  

Introduction into learning and understanding the basics of VM & Fashion Display


Visual merchandising Courses- Symmetrical product grouping

Online VM Courses

 1-to-1 Courses are  perfect understanding the basics of VM & Fashion Display.


Visual Merchandising courses -Mannequin & product display

VM Video Course

Visual Merchandising Course videos. For Retailers & Students  Access anytime online.

Retailers who have taken our VM training services:

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