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Judy Roberts – Creative Director, CH

” Sarah made an invaluable contribution to the creation and delivery of our new visual merchandising courses. She spent time getting to know our business and understanding how her expertise could be made relevant and accessible to our people. The result has been a resounding success with all our delegates enjoying the course, whatever their own levels of experience or seniority. They have all gone away from the course inspired and immediately feeling creative. We have seen a really positive contribution to our business as a result; so much so that she is coming back for another series of courses next year! Thank you, Sarah.”

Judy Roberts – Creative Director, CH

” Your help and expertise this year have been invaluable! You have helped the roll out of a vital project for our business this year to run a lot more smoothly and hit the units and our customers with much higher impact! There have been so many ‘light bulb’ moments for our teams and the difference that we are seeing right across the business is amazing… And more importantly we have a waiting list for the course next year which speaks for itself! Plus, it has been an absolute pleasure working with you!”

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Top Shop-Marc b

Olivia Dickinson – Topshop Concessions Manager – & Visual Merchandiser, Marc b Handbags & Accessories

” I found the course extremely informative and felt it covered everything expected and more. I also found the course hand-outs that Sarah provided useful as a learning aid, but I think it will be also most useful as a tool to look back on following the course. As a result of the course I have already begun to introduce new merchandising into our concessions and have already begun to see the benefits from the course. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to people looking to improve their Visual Merchandising skills.”

Simon Askew – Foodmarket Manager, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge London

” Using Sarah within her role as a freelance merchandiser and window dresser gives me much needed flexibility within my business. It allows me to bring in professional expertise when and where I need it, without having to increase my payroll significantly. It really is the way forward in my mind, when more and more businesses have to keep their costs to a minimum to maximise their profits ”

Harvey Nichols

Triumph Motorcycles

Gareth Bright – Triumph Motorcycle Parts, Clothing & Accessories Co-coordinator 

” Sarah’s expertise and dedication to VM became very apparent after an initial meeting. From there she designed a course and handouts for our Triumph Motorcycles network of Motorcycle which was superb. It was great to see the candidates getting hands on with VM and learning so many techniques that they have taken back to their dealerships and implemented. It was a pleasure to work with Sarah and the dealer feedback was that they want more. I look forward to running more and more courses with Sarah in the future.”

Tom Orange – Senior Technical Rep,
Asics Uk

” Myself and my team found the merchandise training given by Sarah very useful and beneficial to the job roles we cover. It left us with the confidence to be able to positively "


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