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Visual Merchandising Video Course

​​​​   Visual Merchandising Video Course

This video course is taught on the online learning platform Udemy.
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Learn the key principles of great Visual Merchandising & Window Dressing.

This Visual Merchandising & Window Dressing video course has been specifically created to give you the knowledge to become a Visual Merchandising expert, transform your existing shop and enable you to upskill your retail sales team using current Visual Merchandising techniques. 

Who is the target audience?

Independent and larger retailers who want to upskill their existing teams on becoming Visual Merchandising experts.

Students who want to learn a new skill or are looking to get into the Visual Merchandising industry.

Who should attend?

  • This course is designed for those with no previous Visual Merchandising or retail experience.


What will I learn?

There are over 40 videos covering the following subjects;

  • Visual Merchandising techniques
  • How to create an effective store window displays
  • Mannequin handling and dressing
  • The importance of great link selling
  • How to create effective store layouts.

Course programme

Visual Merchandising Courses has partnered with Udemy the online course provider to offer our online video course.

Priced via the Udemy website at £40.00, please click on link below for the full course description and details


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Our courses in visual merchandising are based on 20 years experience and knowledge of the display and visual merchandising industry. - copyright 2018