Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing Course

2 Week 1-to-1 Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing Course Beginners Level



This course covers the basic principles of Visual Merchandising, Window Dressing / Design and Mannequin Styling.

Students will apply these principles to research and design their own basic fashion window following a set project brief. 

Using the students own choice of medium to present their work from this course in a professional manner, which will assist with future interviews into the industry.

Who should attend?

  • This course is designed for those with little or no previous Visual Merchandising or retail experience. 

What will I learn?

  • Basic principles of Display product grouping.
  • Understanding effective Visual Merchandising Techniques used in the industry.
  • Effective handling and styling of Mannequins.
  • Understanding the principles of Window Design and Dressing.
  • Effective Styling Mannequins with the New Season Fashion Trends.
  • Practical task of designing your own Window using a medium of your choice. The Window project brief is set at the end of your first lesson, which can be completed over the first week and submitted on your second lesson.
  • Designing your own window using the online program.
  • How to create an effective window display to a set project brief.

Course programme

Classes are held in an online virtual classroom, using the online video conferencing program, Zoom– providing a live interactive experience between the student and tutor.

Students and tutor can share screens to view presentations and critique student’s course work.

1. Introduction into Display & Visual Merchandising principles.

2. Understanding the basic principles of Display product grouping.

3. Understanding the key principles of window Design and Dressing.

4. Effective use of Colour, lighting and signage within windows and in store.

5. Mannequin dressing & styling techniques.

6. Practical work of styling mannequins and bust forms.

7. How to construct and merchandise a link selling hot spot / promotional space.

8. Understanding the effective Visual Merchandising techniques used currently in the industry.

9. The importance of creating great customer flow and how to maintain an effective shop floor layout.

Equipment Supplied

  • Access to software online.

Course Pack

  • PDF files of all presentations and hand-outs used within the course will be sent to your email address.


Online - can be accessed anywhere in the world.

We just ask that you have access to a reliable internet connection and speakers or headphones for audio content.

Access to a webcam would also be beneficial.

Course Times

The course runs for a total of 6 hours, split between two 3 hour classes held over a 2 week period.

Courses can be booked on dates and times to suit so please advise upon your preferred dates and times when booking.


Course certificate issued to all students upon completion of the 2-week course.

Course price £195 per person

Please note we require the full course payment upon booking to secure your place.

Our courses in visual merchandising are based on 20 years experience and knowledge of the display and visual merchandising industry. - copyright 2018