Learn to merchandise
like a professional

Welcome to Visual Merchandising Courses

We teach Visual Merchandising Courses so you can create compelling window displays & instore visual merchandising
that drives more sales and attracts new customers.

Visual Merchandising Courses are an excellent way to learn how to professionally maximise your product displays and generate more sales. Discover the vital techniques required to create a fantastic look for your shop.

Send your staff on a training course. Produce professional looking displays for all your promotions and upcoming seasons.
Perfect for students too!

Online courses

Live online classes learning how to Visual Merchandise and Window Dress like a professional all from the comfort of your home, work or office, bespoke courses tailored to your business.

1 Day courses

Visual Merchandise and Window Dress like a professional. Our 1 day practical courses will teach you how to create windows, style mannequins and present products to wow customers!


With over 20 years industry experience let me travel to your store or venue to work my Visual Merchandising magic!


Tailor made VM Guidelines created to assist your staff in understanding and implementing key visual merchandising techniques.


Learn the key principles of great Visual Merchandising & Window Dressing techniques with my pre recorded video course available on Udemy.

Learn the following skills

  • Drive sales through your windows
  • Create theatre to entertain buyers 
  • Maintain customer interest
  • Learn how to attract customers
  • Create a higher level of presentation
  • Increase the spend with link selling
  • Assess floor layouts quickly
  • Understand customer flow
  • Strengthen brands for consumers
  • Discover how to create effective store layouts
  • Consistency with graphics
  • Link signage and themes

Just some of the companies we have worked with

Benefits of a VM Courses to your business

Enhance customers
shopping experience

brand image

Increase perceived
product value

Increase chances of a
return visit

Increase opportunity
to upsell products

Brand Image


Sarah Manning is amazing! She is an expert in Visual Merchandising! I have connected with Sarah for her brilliant
co-virtual- hands on course!

I learned more with Sarah than 6 years of University on this subject! I learned key techniques that are time less that I can use in my business in Visual Merchandising for any client.

I have been working with Sarah for over 3 years and will continue to do so!

Sonthia Coleman
The Fashion Brand Guru, Louisiana US

“I have just completed an introduction to VM with Sarah, and it was fantastic! I had been approached with the opportunity to create window displays by a client who was impressed by my creativity, however I had no prior knowledge of merchandising or using creativity within a retail setting. Sarah’s course covered the key principles of VM and she tailored it to suit the specific needs of my client. Coming from a creative background I knew how to create a pleasing display, but it was Sarah’s guidance that gave me the confidence to create my first window display armed with the knowledge of how best to showcase my client’s products.
I am now a very happy fledgling visual merchandiser with a very pleased client! Sarah is incredibly warm and engaging; I’d recommend this course to anyone looking to increase their retail display skills.”

Julia Foxon
Online VM Student


“We hired Sarah to provide VM training for our retail managers and it was a huge success. The managers really engaged with the course, and enjoyed the mix of practical and theoretical presentation, and all gave extremely positive feedback. They also went back to stores and immediately put in to practice what they had learned, which gave measurable increases in revenue.”

Area Retail Manager RSPB


In 2015 I decided to up my skill set and invest in a Visual Merchandising course run by Sarah Manning.

It was an outstanding three days. Sarah is a great teacher, generous with her time and very encouraging. I learned a lot from Sarah and my skills have been put to good use, even when styling my own home. Highly recommended and to Sarah I say a heartfelt thank you.

Tracey Beesley – The Lifestyle Concept

Myself and my team found the merchandise training given by Sarah very useful and beneficial to the job roles we cover. It left us with the confidence to be able to positively visual merchandise our stores.

Tom Orange – Senior Technical Rep,
Asics Uk