Visual Merchandising Video Course

This video course is taught on the online learning platform Udemy.
Please see the details below then click on the Udemy link to go to the video course.

Who is the target audience?

Independent and larger retailers
Independent and larger retailers who want to upskill their existing teams on becoming Visual Merchandising experts.

Students who want to learn a new skill or are looking to get into the Visual Merchandising industry.

What will I learn

There are over 40 videos covering the following subjects;

  • Visual Merchandising techniques
  • How to create an effective store window displays
  • Mannequin handling and dressing
  • The importance of great link selling
  • How to create effective store layouts.


From past experience our clients have found the bespoke courses have been most beneficial when held at their retail premises. Courses can be run at your premises or I can organise a suitable training venue for you and your staff.

How to book

Priced via the Udemy website at £39.99, please click on link below for the full course description and details.


Visual Merchandising Videos on Ankorstart

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Ankorstart - Video1

How to carry out a customer flow exercise

Ankorstart - 4 Window dressing principles

The 4 window dressing principles for your retail store


The store layout principles for a retail shop


Visual Merchandising for your e-commerce


Key tips on window dressing for your retail shop


Some tips for an effective use of lighting in your retail shop


Colour trends for your retail shop