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What is the difference between the 1-day 3D Display & Fashion VM Courses?

The 3D Display & VM Course focuses on 3D product display (i.e.; Food, Gift, Home and Accessories)
The Fashion Visual Merchandising Course focuses on Fashion display including mannequin styling and dressing.

Which 1-day course would you recommend if I would like to cover all subject areas?

I would recommend you book the 1 day 1-to-1 course. This is a private course for individuals where we cover both 3D Display & Fashion Visual Merchandising. These courses can be booked on a date which suits your schedule.

Where are the 1-day courses held?

The group 1-day courses are run at The Albany Centre, St Albans. St Albans is a 20-minute journey via Thameslink train from London’s St Pancras Station.

The 1 day 1-to-1 courses are held at our business address in Harpenden, Herts. Harpenden is a 25-minute journey via Thameslink train from London’s St Pancras Station, we are then a 5-minute journey away via taxi from outside the station.

How many attendees would you recommend attend a 1-day bespoke retailers’ course?

Due to the practical nature of our courses I would recommend that you have a max of 12-14 attendees on a group course.
This will ensure that each attendee can have 1-to-1 time for feedback and questions during the course.

Can the bespoke courses for retailers be held at our store or venue?

Yes, its very beneficial for the courses to be held at your store, head office or venue. We can then tailor the practical tasks to cater to your store surroundings and work with your merchandise.

Will the training program be tailored to our specific business requirements?

Yes, on all our bespoke courses the training programs and presentations are tailored to meet your exact learning requirements. Presentations are sent across prior to your course date to confirm approval for the content.

Will I receive a course certificate of attendance?

Yes, I reward certificates of attendance on all our VMC courses. On the practical courses these are given out at the end of the course and on the online courses these are posted to your address after the course has been completed.

Can I contact you with any course questions after the course?

Yes, on all our courses you are welcome to contact me after your course if you have any additional questions I can help with.