IDGS-Beginners guide to Visual Merchandising

Learning objective

  • Intro to the VM techniques and how to apply to window dressing & in-store visual merchandising
  • Create effective window displays using the key VM principles and create link selling opportunities from your window display
  • Applying link selling merchandising techniques to your product merchandising

Course modules

The 4 Key Visual Merchandising Techniques

How to apply the 4 key visual merchandising techniques to window dressing and in store visual merchandising

Practical Task: Composition Displays

Practice creating symmetrical and asymmetrical product compositions using 3D products

Creating Effective Window Displays

Apply the key principles learned to create effective window displays

Practical Task: New Season Window Displays

Practice redressing your store window/show case using the key VM principles discussed

Create Link Selling Opportunities

Use link selling opportunities to create a consistent promotional message throughout the store

Effective Handling and Styling

Learn how to effectively handle and style display mannequins and busts

In Store Product Presentation Methods

Understanding your customers’ shopping needs to create an effective shopping experience and product promotion

Practical Task: New Season Hot Spot Space

Practice creating and merchandising your in-store hot spot space

Principles of Effective Store Layout

Discover the importance of carrying out a customer flow exercise to identify the areas of opportunity within your shopfloor

Practical Task: Your Own Customer Flow

Practice carrying out your own customer flow exercise

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Learning format

  • Designed to be completed online
  • Duration: participants have the flexibility to learn at their own pace, up to 45 learning hours
  • Provided: reading material, video tutorials, 1:1 interactive tutoring

Course fees

Cost per course per person: €398
Cost for 2 course pack per person​: €742


Participants will receive an official certificate upon successful completion of all modules


How to book

For more information, please contact IGDS