VM Training On Behalf of NWES for New Start Up Businesses in East London

by | May 16, 2019

This year I have partnered with NWES London, an enterprise agency who support Independent and new start up businesses in East London. I am running monthly workshops for their retailers to teach them effective visual merchandising techniques which will help them with their business. I am running both theory based and follow up practical workshops.
We held the follow up practical visual merchandising workshop at The Old Bank Vault in Hackney. The owner, Sim has recently launched her gallery showcasing local artists and creative talents. Sim had also attending the first workshop where we covered the theory behind visual merchandising, so on the practical workshop we styled her gallery space and windows. This was really useful for Sim to understand how these principles we had already covered could be implemented within her space.

Visual Merchandising Styling & Window Dressing created on the workshop held at The Old Bank Vault

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