Online Visual Merchandising Training For Big Mat Malta

by | Jul 7, 2021

During the Spring I had the pleasure of teaching the retail team at Big Mat, a well renowned DIY retail store in Malta.

Owners, Carl and Noel Attard asked me to write a bespoke online Visual Merchandising Course for their retail team. 

I wrote a bespoke online program which ran over four class sessions. The bespoke program was run as live online classes and I scheduled a practical exercise after each class. The practical exercise was linked to the subjects we had covered during that lesson, giving the attendees the opportunity to be able to put the Visual Merchandising techniques into practice within the store. 

The bespoke course focused upon teaching the team the key principles of Visual Merchandising and how these can be implemented effectively to ensure both creative and commercial success. Carl and Noel wanted a strong focus on revamping their large store window area, front entrance and in store promotional space. 


  The training was in line with the business’s objective to consolidate Big Mat’s standing as a one-stop-shop where one can realise their seasonal project from the ground up, providing inspiration and solutions which will re-enforce its brand promise.

Creating a continuous and coherent message, visual language and tone of voice to be rippled out across all brand touch points in store.


This online bespoke course gave us as a training provider great evidence that retail online training can be just as effective as in person training. Post 2020 most of the bespoke retail Visual Merchandising training was carried out in person at the retailers store where good evidence was shown to effectively teach the practical Visual Merchandising techniques. 

The training for Big Mat was confirmation that running online live classes with regular practical tasks is just as successful at achieving effective Visual Merchandising installations in store !

I wanted to share with you some of the fantastic work which was carried out by the team during the course duration. 



“ The training we can say was very interesting, we enjoyed it and it gave us a new perspective on how to see the entrance of the store “


Noel Attard , Senior Manager Big Mat Malta 



*All images are copyright of Big Mat Malta



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