Top 5 Window Dressing Tips For Your Retail Store For 2018

by | Jan 16, 2018

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For our first post of 2018, I thought we would kick off with some key window dressing tips which will help you to improve your retail store windows. These priniciples and tips can be used by all types of retailers whether you have a Fashion Store, Homeware Store or are a Food Retailer, Garden Centre or Optician;

Most retailers change their windows approx. every 4 weeks. This will help to create regular interest for your customers.

  1. Ensure you create a point of interest within your window at the customers eye line level.
  2. Create a consistent theme throughout all your windows.
  3. Create a strong brand focus using only relevant Signage and Brand Point of Sale where necessary.
  4. Select new, promotional or relevant seasonal merchandise to show ca within your window.
  5. Ensure your window is well lit with good lighting.

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