Visual Merchandising At Longleat Safari Park

by | Aug 5, 2012

During July we were working with the retail team at Longleat Safari Park to assist them with the Visual Merchandising and store layout of one of their new gift shops. The gift shop is part of the new Giraffe feeding enclosure which was opened as part of their Summer 2012 attractions.

The gift shop has two full size artifical prop trees as part of the main feature of the store, which created a very strong focal point for the customers. We dressed these trees with a selection of merchandise that was available to buy within the store. (You can see an example of the merchandising of the trees in the image below)

We were also training the teams about effective wall merchandising and the second image below shows the example of a symmetrical style merchandising of the Longleat branded range, which was designed especially for the new attraction.

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