Visual Merchandising Bespoke Course For Two Ducks Lifestyle Store

by | Aug 18, 2022

Last month I had the pleasure in running a bespoke Visual Merchandising Course for independent retailer, Two Ducks Lifestyle Store in Woking, Surrey.
The practical workshop was held in store with owner, Claire and her amazing team where I presented the key principles of Visual Merchandising, focusing upon how these can be used effectively for both practically and commercially purposes.
We then started to implement the teaching into practice, creating a Summer hot spot area which connected up the concept and theme of their current window. We also worked on product presentation, link selling and considered product location to maximise the product located at the eye level focal point for their customers.

We finished looking at the current floor layout and reviewing the customer flow. Claire and her team are keen to now carry out a customer flow exercise to review the areas in her store which are potential opportunities.

Here are some photos below of the training and some brilliant examples of merchandising carried out by the team. 🤩

It is a fantastic for me as a teacher / trainer to resume my in person practical courses in store, I feel these are so beneficial to the retailers who I work with. Courses can be tailored to suit the requirements of your business and its a benefit to be able to work practically in your store or showroom.

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