Visual Merchandising Courses Partnership with Ankorstart

by | May 29, 2023

I am very pleased to announce I have partnered with Ankorstart, a support program
offered by Ankorstore, Europe’s leading B2B marketplace. This is a free and
non-binding support program designed to assist aspiring retailers in their journey
towards opening and managing a physical or online business.

Ankorstart’s mission is simple: to help passionate entrepreneurs achieve their dream
of launching and managing a physical or online business in the best conditions.
With a team of more than 20 retail experts, Ankorstart provides guidance and
coaching on essential aspects of building a successful retail business, such as
assortment management, business planning and much more.

In this exciting partnership, I will be sharing my expertise in Visual Merchandising
techniques , which can be effectively implemented in independent retail shops.
Having an understanding of the basic principles of Visual Merchandising is
fundamental to attract customer traffic inside the store as well as creating a positive
customer experience, and ultimately generate sales.

If you are in the process of opening a retail shop, I invite you to sign up for free to the
Ankorstart program. By doing so, you’ll get access to dedicated coaching and
resources that will support you in successfully launching your retail business. Take
advantage of this opportunity and embark on your entrepreneurial journey with
For further information please click on the link below

Ankorstart: Support Program for Future Retailers | Ankorstore

VMC Partnership with Ankorstart