Visual Merchandising Retail Safari Tour For Moodart Fashion School

by | May 28, 2022

Loved visiting the truly inspiring Jacquemus Pop Up Concepts at Selfridges, London this month with a group of students from Moodart Fashion School in Verona, Italy. 

I organised a Retail Safari tour for the visiting students and our first stop at Selfridges could not have been more of a brilliant example of a Retailer creating a true sensory shopping experience for the customer. 

The 24 hour vending concept, 24/24, selling only blue @jacquemus merchandise, the book able experience at Le Vestiaire and the famous corner shop, with the smells of toothpaste and sensory showers were a true joy to experience!

 💙 Le Bleu runs until 4th June 2022 and if you are visiting London I would really recommend a visit !


Images Copyright of Visual Merchandising Courses.