Visual Merchandising Training For Matalan

by | Feb 28, 2022

It was fantastic to be invited to teach an in person Visual Merchandising Course for the Matalan Visual Merchandising team this month. Although I enjoy teaching my courses online, it was good to be back teaching and training retailers in person !  

This in person course for Matalan was held at their recently relaunched store in Milton Keynes. The course program had a mixture of theory and practical tasks. Running this training course on site and within a store is very beneficial for the attendees as we can work within the shop floor space and with their unique merchandise.

Subjects that we focused upon during the course included ;

Introduction into the four key visual merchandising techniques and how these can be applied to both window dressing & in store visual merchandising.

The importance of window display, styling techniques to create a strong brand message within this space and how to apply the key principles effectively. Effective installation of graphics and POS. Tips on lighting and directing lighting to the focal areas of the window.

Creating an effective in store promotional / hot spot space linked to your window installs – How to create a consistent promotional message throughout the store. Applying link selling merchandising techniques to your promotional / hot spot space.

Effective handling and styling of mannequins and busts. Creating seasonal looks which are in line with consumer trends.

Current In store visual merchandising and product presentation methods. Looking at the psychology of how your customer shops.

Discover the principles of effective store layout and how this can benefit your in-store customer flow.



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