Visual Merchandising Training For St Albans Museums

by | Mar 24, 2021

This month it was great to be carrying out some in house face-to-face Visual Merchandising training with the staff at St. Albans Museums in Hertfordshire.

Working with the teams at St Albans Museums has been a project particularly close to my heart due to visiting the Verulamium Museum as a child and now living very close to St Albans.

St Albans have two museums which both have links to the amazing local history. I worked with both teams to introduce them to the key Visual Merchandising principles and how these can be applied within the merchandising and presentation of both museum shops. The training was part theory , part practical. Spending most of the time within each shop implementing the practical Visual Merchandising principles I was teaching the teams. 

The training helped to boast the team’s confidence with Visual Merchandising which will assist them with their product presentation, link selling and store layouts which they are now working on as a team ready for their re-opening later in the Spring.

I have included photographs of the mosaic floors which are on show at the Verulamium Museum, these were all excavated within the St Albans area and are said to be ” the finest mosaics outside of the Mediterranean.” The museum is built on the site of one of the largest Roman cities in Britain, well worth a visit ! 

Verulamium Museum | St Albans Museums

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