Visual Merchandising Workshop London School of Trends

by | Sep 26, 2022

It was a pleasure to meet the Interior Design students attending the Summer & Autumn Visual Merchandising Workshops at London School of Trends. I really enjoyed running the two day workshops which involved a visit to the retailers at Kings Cross,Coals Drop Yard and visiting the newly launched Marc Jacobs flagship store in Regent Street. 

During the workshop held at The Stay Club in Camden, London we discussed the impact that new consumer trends and lifestyle choices are having upon how we are working within the Visual Merchandising and Retail industry. We also explored how retailers have needed to be more innovative with how they are drawing their customers back to their physical stores to shop.

The retail sensory experience was greatly illustrated with the feature of the Lush vending machines located within Coals Drop Yard. 

Wishing the students every success with the rest of their classes at London School of Trends !

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