VMC Student Roxanne Gates, Visual Merchandiser at M&S

by | Jun 30, 2021

It’s always amazing to hear how our past students are progressing with their career’s in the Visual Merchandising industry, this month I would like to feature our past student, Roxanne Gates and some of her fabulous styling she is now creating for M&S.

I had the pleasure to teach Roxanne when she booked onto our online Introduction to Visual Merchandising in October last year and I am so pleased to hear that Roxanne is now working as a Stylist on the Visual Merchandising team for M&S ! Roxanne is working in the M&S store in Warrington,the flagship store for Merseyside and a M&S Academy store. She is very proud to be part of the team that are helping to set the Visual Merchandising standards for the North West of England!

Roxanne has allowed me to share some examples of her fantastic mannequin styling created in her store and given me this lovely quote to share about the courses I offer ;

“If it wasn’t for your course and everything that you taught me, I don’t know if I would have gotten the job so I am very grateful. Visual Merchandising is something I am incredibly passionate about and I’m really excited that I get to start my career with such an incredible company. “

For more info on Roxanne and her work take a look at her Instagram page @roxanne.katherine

Well done Roxanne and wishing you every success in your Visual Merchandising career !



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