Visual Merchandising Tips For E-Commerce Retailers Part 2

by | Oct 31, 2020

Here is another great example from Heather Elliott, who has created a themed homepage banner and linked to her featured products below this. A brilliant example of treating your homepage banner as your shop window !

This Girl Is Mighty -Mood-shifting stationery and homeware, ethically made in the UK by Heather Elliott

I suggested to the retailers to treat their homepage banner as their store window which they should consider changing on a regular 2-4 week basis to maintain their customers interest in the brand. Link the banner theme directly to merchandise below on the homepage and create consistent product messages on their social media channels too. Heather has created a great focus of her fabulous range of Dolly Parton gifts !



For more information on how you can learn more about how to apply the Visual Merchandising principles online, please check out online course below ;

Visual Merchandising for Online / E-commerce Businesses and Retailers